Wood’s Market Garden is a small family farm and seasonal market in Vermont. With the start of their upcoming season fast approaching, they had some big updates in mind for their website.

Their old site felt outdated and didn’t fit their current brand. It was difficult to work on and didn’t offer the level of functionality they needed. Owner Courtney says, “As a business owner, we have no IT person and so I get really tired of googling things or looking up how-to videos when something goes wrong.” But now, “the fact that there is another small business on the other end of things with people I have seen and talked to means a lot!”

When asked what the tipping point was for getting a new website, Courtney shared that it was her desire to better be able to reach out to people invested in her business. Now the Wood’s Market Garden website is a bright and joyful hub of information as well as a place to connect with their community. The website not only tells the Wood’s Market Garden story through text, but through the hand picked design elements and images on every page. And when all put together, it creates something that makes sense for their brand and that offers value to their customers.

Wood’s Market Garden just opened for the season this month, so if you’re in the area, stop by!

Here’s what Courtney had to say about her experience working with us:

“I knew our website needed updating…like, for years I knew it….but kept putting it off. I wanted to be the do-it-yourselfer who could tackle the project alone. But being a full-time mom, business owner and freelancer, I could not manage to deal with the daunting task. Insert Jackson Whelan and Julie! I felt like we were friends instantly and that we all had the same goal. Their help rebuilding our website and managing the things that confused me (like SEO!), was the best gift I could give myself. Not only did the website live up to my creative ideas, but the functionality is seamless. I am so glad to have them on my team and to know they are there for me whenever I have a question going forward.”
Courtney Satz
Wood’s Market Garden