The accounting firm Suttle & Stalnaker wanted an upgraded website that reflects their values and who they are as a company. Their new branding also included an updated logo to better represent them in what’s often someone’s first impression of a business.

Their old website was a hub for information, but it wasn’t delivered in a way that met their client’s expectations. The new website is fresh and vibrant, and is easy for clients to navigate to the information they need. Plus, we included some additional features and highlighted the areas that customers would find the most useful.

Suttle & Stalnaker see their clients as members of their team, and wanted a logo that represents that. We collaborated with graphic designer Rick Whelan from Ditto! who refreshed the S&S logo and branding, choosing to encompass the firm’s initials within a circle to represent collaboration in their client relations and with their community. The updated look is perfect for this modern business with a focus on their clients.


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Development by Jackson Whelan