Kohl Real Estate Solutions is a real estate contract and transaction management company based in Northern Colorado. They help their clients have a smoother experience as they go through the various processes of real estate. And with a client base spanning three states, Kohl Real Estate Solutions needed a website that grabbed attention, showcased their strengths, and served their customers.

Founder Susan Kohl came to us with an existing website that consisted of a lengthy single page. Content was concise but sparse, and didn’t fully convey to her potential customers all that her business offers. We knew that adding content would be key in reaching and securing future clients. We gave Susan a separate page for each service she offers, and included some stats to show the success she’s had.

Her new site’s design is bright and modern, and pays homage to her Colorado home. As her business streamlines real estate to help busy clients, Susan’s website streamlines information, making the user experience simple and intuitive for customers.