Get to the top of the search results.

Search engine optimization makes it easy for people who are already looking for your kind of business to find yours. It’s really that simple. But how you go about getting your brand to the top page of Google results is no picnic. It takes careful planning and a skilled combination of organic search, paid search and social media optimization.

As a business owner, you don’t have time to juggle and refine that formula.

Luckily, we can do all that heavy lifting for you. In fact, our skilled SEO engineers will deliver improved search results across the board with guaranteed results each and every month.

Our tiered approach helps deliver a triple threat combo for instant results (PPC), short term results (social) and long term results (SEO).

Pay per click (or PPC) works by automatically boosting your brand to the top of the search results using a sponsored ad. But because they are extremely relevant to what the person just searched for, it feels a lot less like an ad and more like a helpful tip.

Social optimization has a similar approach, but uses online behaviors to find people who might be interested in your brand. Then, you put your brand on their news feed in the form of an ad. Again, targeting is the name of the game here. We want to find the people who want to talk to us.

The last and most complex phase is the organic search results. Here, things get a little more tricky as Google is constantly shifting and updating their algorithm to make it harder for brands to cheat. It’s a bit or trial and error, and it takes time. No page is going to skyrocket to the top of search results overnight (and if someone tells you that is possible, they are taking you for a ride.)


You focus on what you do best, and let us take care of your SEO to-do list. Guaranteed results month after month, with no long term contracts.


Every month...

  • We will capture a minimum of 5 new keyword rankings from relevant search phrases that have generated search-based clicks to your website.
  • While individual keyword rankings may increase or decrease, there will be a minimum net ranking gain of 25 positions for all active rankings.

Detailed technical search marketing review of your competitors. 

Identify high-demand search phrases most likely to generate sales.

Optimization of the visible readable content on your website,

Enhance your local listings for maximum SEO impact.

Optimize your business profile to attract new customers and improve search rankings.

Submissions and profile creation in 100's of web directories.