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New Spam Protection Improvements

Posted July 22, 2020

New Spam Protections To Protect Your Email Accounts

Is your email hosted with Terrier Tenacity? Good news! Our email vendor has put new protection improvements in place to reduce spam and other undesirable emails from entering your inbox.

black man using cell phoneWhat’s new?

Moving forward, all incoming emails must have proper MX records in order to be delivered. What purpose does this serve? Firstly, it prevents malicious senders from using invalid domain names to transmit phishing/spam. Secondly, it ensures that issues in legitimate email delivery can be reported to the sender (bounce messages).

How does this affect you?

While these improvements are considered industry best practice and will help to better identify authentic customers’ emails from phishing and spam by enforcing stricter sender address checks, you may notice that you aren’t receiving all the automated emails you’re used to seeing. This is because those emails do not have proper MX records and thus fail to meet our new spam protection requirements.

These emails will continue to be deferred until our email vendor is able to detect MX records for the sending domain. Once identified and assuming the sender meets all other email hygiene and delivery requirements, you’ll be able to receive those messages again.

For more information on how to set up MX records for domains, you can read this article.

For more information on this sender address check and other best practices, visit the Postmaster site here.

For any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at

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